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Compact Complex Surfaces
Cole, Daniel Drucker, Daniel Anderson
Yu.I. Manin – A Course in Mathematical Logic
Advances in Discrete Tomography and Its Applications
Catherine Price, Sandra Rush, “ESL Mathematics for Standardized Tests”
Ivan Dimov, István Faragó, Lubin Vulkov, “Finite Difference Methods,Theory and Applications”

?Compact Complex Surfaces

1995 | pages: 438 | ISBN: 3540008322 | PDF | 38,2 mb

In the 19 years which passed since the first edition was published, several important developments have taken place in the theory of surfaces. The most sensational one concerns the differentiable structure of surfaces. Twenty years ago very little was known about differentiable structures on 4-manifolds, but in the meantime Donaldson on the one hand and Seiberg and Witten on the other hand, have found, inspired by gauge theory, totally new invariants. Strikingly, together with the theory explained in this book these invariants yield a wealth of new results about the differentiable structure of algebraic surfaces. Other developments include the systematic use of nef-divisors (in ac­ cordance with the progress made in the classification of higher dimensional algebraic varieties), a better understanding of Kahler structures on surfaces, and Reider’s new approach to adjoint mappings. All these developments have been incorporated in the present edition, though the Donaldson and Seiberg-Witten theory only by way of examples. Of course we use the opportunity to correct some minor mistakes, which we ether have discovered ourselves or which were communicated to us by careful readers to whom we are much obliged.

?Yu.I. Manin – A Course in Mathematical Logic

Published: 1977-12-19 | ISBN: 0387902430, 3540902430 | PDF + DJVU | 286 pages | 18.2 MB

This book is a text of mathematical logic on a sophisticated level, presenting the reader with several of the most significant discoveries of the last 10 to 15 years, including the independence of the continuum hypothesis, the Diophantine nature of enumerable sets and the impossibility of finding an algorithmic solution for certain problems. The book contains the first textbook presentation of Matijasevic’s result. The central notions are provability and computability; the emphasis of the presentation is on aspects of the theory which are of interest to the working mathematician. Many of the approaches and topics covered are not standard parts of logic courses; they include a discussion of the logic of quantum mechanics, Goedel’s constructible sets as a sub-class of von Neumann’s universe, the Kolmogorov theory of complexity. Feferman’s theorem on Goedel formulas as axioms and Highman’s theorem on groups defined by enumerable sets of generators and relations. A number of informal digressions concerned with psychology, linguistics, and common sense logic should interest students of the philosophy of science or the humanities.

?Advances in Discrete Tomography and Its Applications

English | Applied Mathematics | 26. April 2007 | ISBN-10: 0817636145 | 392 pages | pdf | 7 mb

The book provides a unified presentation of new methods, algorithms, and select applications that are the foundations of multidimensional image construction and reconstruction. The self-contained survey chapters, written by leading mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists, present cutting-edge research and results in the field.
Three main areas are covered: theoretical results, algorithms, and practical applications. Following an historical and introductory overview of the field, the book explores the various mathematical and computational problems of discrete tomography with an emphasis on new applications.

?Catherine Price, Sandra Rush, “ESL Mathematics for Standardized Tests”

ISBN: 0738601381 | 2006 | EPUB | 448 pages | 10 MB

Special focus: Math English vocabularly, presented specifically with ESL learners in mind.
This invaluable review and preparatory book is designed to help high school- and college-level non-native speakers of English prepare for standardized mathematics tests.
ESL (English as a Second Language) Mathematics for Standardized Testing provides students with a comprehensive math review using simple explanations, skill-building exercises, detailed answer keys, and test-taking techniques. It’s a perfect book for classroom use or self-guided math studies!
– In-depth math review explained in easy-to-understand English
– Drills and exercises covering tested math areas
– Answers to drills/exercises thoroughly detailed for smarter study
– Proven test-taking strategies and techniques

?Ivan Dimov, István Faragó, Lubin Vulkov, “Finite Difference Methods,Theory and Applications”

2015 | pages: 443 | ISBN: 3319202383 | PDF | 25,7 mb

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Finite Difference Methods, FDM 2014, held in Lozenetz, Bulgaria, in June 2014.
The 36 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 62 submissions. These papers together with 12 invited papers cover topics such as finite difference and combined finite difference methods as well as finite element methods and their various applications in physics, chemistry, biology and finance.

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