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“Music: Numinous and Mathematics. Form and Analysis Through Fourier Space” ed. by Eva Li
We Flow Hard: The Y7 Guide to Crafting Your Yoga Practice by Sarah Levey, Mason Levey
Harmony in Beethoven by David Damschroder
Hal Leonard Corporation, “Contemporary Disney: 50 Favorite Songs, 3rd Edition (Piano-vocal-guitar)”
Madonna and Me: Women Writers on the Queen of Pop by Jessica Valenti, Laura Barcella

?”Music: Numinous and Mathematics. Form and Analysis Through Fourier Space” ed. by Eva Li

EvaLi | 2018 | ISBN: 4048197053 9784048197052 | 950 pages | PDF | 85 MB

This volume brings new ideas to the conundrum by taking up certain philosophers not usually cited in connection with music and the classical Greek notion of process.
The book explains the state of the art in the use of the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) of musical structures such as rhythms or scales.
The book opens up an original approach to the transcendent and, to many, the sacred quality heard in music, drawing both upon authorities concerned with the numinous (that feeling of awe and attraction behind religious experience) and upon his own lifelong engagement with music as scholar, teacher and composer.
From Ancient Greek times, music has been seen as a mathematical art, and the relationship between mathematics and music has fascinated generations. This collection of wide ranging, comprehensive and fully-illustrated papers, authorized by leading scholars, presents the link between these two subjects in a lucid manner that is suitable for students of both subjects, as well as the general reader with an interest in music.
Physical, theoretical, physiological, acoustic, compositional and analytical relationships between mathematics and music are unfolded and explored with focus on tuning and temperament, the mathematics of sound, bell-ringing and modern compositional techniques.
Understanding the way music unfolds to the listener is a major key for unlocking the secrets of the composer’s art. Musical Form and Analysis, highly regarded and widely used for two decades, provides a balanced theoretical and philosophical approach that helps upper-level undergraduate music majors understand the structures and constructions of major musical forms. Spring and Hutcheson present all of the standard topics expected in such a text, but their approach offers a unique conceptual thrust that takes readers beyond mere analytical terminology and facts. Evocative rather than encyclopedic, the text is organized around three elements at work at all levels of music: time, pattern, and proportion. Well-chosen examples and direct, well-crafted assignments reinforce techniques. A 140-page anthology of music for in-depth analysis provides a wide range of carefully selected works.
The book explains the DFT of pitch-class distributions, homometry and the phase retrieval problem, nil Fourier coefficients and tilings, saliency, extrapolation to the continuous Fourier transform and continuous spaces, and the meaning of the phases of Fourier coefficients.
This is the first textbook dedicated to this subject, and with supporting examples and exercises this is suitable for researchers and advanced undergraduate and graduate students of music, computer science and engineering.
Part I. Music and the Numinous
1 The Transcendental and Rational Discourse
2 Music as Sublime Organism
3 Process Philosophy
4 Music and Process
5 A Whiteheadian Aesthetic and a Musical Paradigm
6 Music, the Other Arts and Process
Part II. From Pythagoras to Fractals
Music and mathematics: an overview
1 Music and mathematics through history
2 The mathematics of musical sound
3 Mathematical structure in music
4 The composer speaks
Part III. Form and Analysis: Time, Pattern, Proportion
PRELUDE: Why Analysis?
1 TIME: The Motivating Forces
2 PATTERN: The Shaping Factors
3 PROPORTION: The Distinguishing Features
POSTLUDE: METAFORM: Beyond Formal Analysis
Part IV. Discrete Fourier Transform in Music Theory
1 Discrete Fourier Transform of Distributions
2 Homometry and the Phase Retrieval Problem
3 Nil Fourier Coefficients and Tilings
4 Saliency
5 Continuous Spaces, Continuous FT
6 Phases of Fourier Coefficients
7 Conclusion
8 Annexes and Tables

?We Flow Hard: The Y7 Guide to Crafting Your Yoga Practice by Sarah Levey, Mason Levey

English | January 2nd, 2018 | ASIN: B073WDS7N3, ISBN: 0762462825 | 224 pages | EPUB | 22.42 MB

Y7 Studios co-founders Sarah and Mason Levey bring their sweat-dripping, beat-bumping practice to readers with We Flow Hard, a fitness and lifestyle book from the original hip-hop yoga studio.
Y7 embodies a modern, streamlined approach to the ancient practice of vinyasa, fusing edgy aspiration with flowing, individualized yoga sequences. We Flow Hard brings the brand’s signature graphic aesthetic, playful puns, and beat-bumping energy to a fitness and lifestyle guide for today’s tribe of hip, provocative yogis.
As practical as it is inspirational, We Flow Hard includes sections on the history and benefits of yoga, the art of crafting the perfect workout playlist, and tips on incorporating yogic practices and meditation into a contemporary lifestyle – for people who aren’t planning on becoming pious vegans. At the book’s core is a series of yoga sequences, from targeted “abs and ass” moves to a Y7 spin on traditional vinyasa, and advice on customizing a yoga practice for your own skills and goals. Rigorous yet inviting, this approach to yoga is, in the words of Vogue, “For people who put on gangsta rap and handle it.”

?Harmony in Beethoven by David Damschroder

2016 | ISBN: 1107134587 | English | 308 pages | PDF | 15 MB

David Damschroder’s ongoing reformulation of harmonic theory continues with a dynamic exploration of how Beethoven molded and arranged chords to convey bold conceptions. This book’s introductory chapters are organized in the manner of a nineteenth-century Harmonielehre, with individual considerations of the tonal system’s key features illustrated by easy-to-comprehend block-chord examples derived from Beethoven’s piano sonatas. In the masterworks section that follows, Damschroder presents detailed analyses of movements from the symphonies, piano and violin sonatas, and string quartets, and compares his outcomes with those of other analysts, including William E. Caplin, Robert Gauldin, Nicholas Marston, William J. Mitchell, Frank Samarotto, and Janet Schmalfeldt. Expanding upon analytical practices from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and strongly influenced by Schenkerian principles, this fresh perspective offers a stark contrast to conventional harmonic analysis – both in terms of how Roman numerals are deployed and how musical processes are described in words.

?Hal Leonard Corporation, “Contemporary Disney: 50 Favorite Songs, 3rd Edition (Piano-vocal-guitar)”

ISBN: 1495074196 | 2017 | EPUB | 340 pages | 138 MB

(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook). 50 songs are featured in this third edition of an outstanding piano/vocal/guitar collection of Disney favorites. Includes:
• Beauty and the Beast
• Can You Feel the Love Tonight
• Colors of the Wind
• Evil like Me
• For the First Time in Forever
• Go the Distance
• Hakuna Matata
• If I Didn’t Have You
• Lava
• Let It Go
• My Funny Friend and Me
• Part of Your World
• Reflection
• Seize the Day
• Sophie’s Theme
• That’s How You Know
• True Love’s Kiss
• We’re All in This Together
• A Whole New World
• Written in the Stars
• You’ll Be in My Heart (Pop Version)
• and many more.

?Madonna and Me: Women Writers on the Queen of Pop by Jessica Valenti, Laura Barcella

English | March 6th, 2012 | ISBN: 1593764294 | 272 pages | EPUB | 0.48 MB

For nearly 30 years, Madonna has been at the center of the media spotlight. She has sold more than 200 million records worldwide, launched her own record label, headlined an Oscar-award-winning film, authored bestselling books for both adults and children, inspired global street-fashion trends, and instigated international debates over a range of feminist issues from sexual fetish to adoption ethics. Masterfully harnessing her talent and power to navigate her ascent to stardom, she has become the very definition of iconic.
She has also been a constant companion. In Madonna and Me, more than forty women write about Madonna’s influence on their lives. No subject goes unexplored—from sex and money to fashion and identity, the stories are just as brazen, bold, and balls-to-the-wall as Madonna. They explore the evolution of her chameleonlike personas—material girl and “boy-toy” tartlet, kooky Kabbalist and savvy businesswoman, siren and mother—and her impact on culture as a groundbreaking feminist.
Of course, not all women worship at her altar, and likewise the essays in Madonna and Me are brutally honest, funny, engaging, and real. They delve into the hearts, souls, memories, and moments of contemporary women, celebrating the ways in which Madonna has inspired us and challenged us, pushing us to be bolder, edgier, braver versions of ourselves.

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