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Hindu Ritual at the Margins: Innovations, Transformations, Reconsiderations (Studies in Comparative Religion) by Tracy Pintchman, Linda Penkower
Leopard Warrior: A Journey into the African Teachings of Ancestry, Instinct, and Dreams by John Lockley
The Body of God: An Emperor’s Palace for Krishna in Eighth-Century Kanchipuram by D. Dennis Hudson
The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi by Ramana Maharshi
Brahma Kumari Pari, “Holographic Universe: An Introduction”

?Hindu Ritual at the Margins: Innovations, Transformations, Reconsiderations (Studies in Comparative Religion) by Tracy Pintchman, Linda Penkower

English | November 15th, 2014 | ISBN: 1611173892 | 250 pages | PDF | 2.16 MB

Hindu Ritual at the Margins explores Hindu forms of ritual activity in a variety of -marginal- contexts. The contributors collectively examine ritual practices in diaspora; across gender, ethnic, social, and political groups; in film, text, and art; in settings where ritual itself or direct discussion of ritual is absent; in contexts that create new opportunities for traditionally marginalized participants or challenge the received tradition; and via theoretical perspectives that have been undervalued in the academy. In the first of three sections, contributors explore the ways in which Hindu ritual performed in Indian contexts intersects with historical, contextual, and social change.
They examine the changing significance and understanding of particular deities, the identity and agency of ritual actors, and the instrumentality of ritual in new media. Essays in the second section examine ritual practices outside of India, focusing on evolving ritual claims to authority in mixed cultures (such as Malaysia), the reshaping of gender dynamics of ritual at an American temple, and the democratic reshaping of ritual forms in Canadian Hindu communities. The final section considers the implications for ritual studies of the efficacy of bodily acts divorced from intention, contemporary spiritual practice as opposed to religious-bound ritual, and the notion of dharma.
Hindu Ritual at the Margins seeks to elucidate the ways ritual actors come to shape ritual practices or conceptions pertaining to ritual and how studying ritual in marginal contexts-at points of dynamic tension-requires scholars to reshape their understanding of ritual activity.

?Leopard Warrior: A Journey into the African Teachings of Ancestry, Instinct, and Dreams by John Lockley

English | November 1st, 2017 | ASIN: B073XXZBZ2, ISBN: 1622039033 | 237 pages | EPUB | 3.97 MB

A Teaching Memoir That Crosses the Barriers Between Worlds! A shaman is one who has learned to move between two worlds: our physical reality and the realm of spirits. For John Lockley, shamanic training also meant learning to cross the immense divide of race and culture in South Africa.
As a medic drafted into the South African military in 1990, John Lockley had a powerful dream. “Even though I am a white man of Irish and English descent, I knew in my bones that I had received my calling to become a sangoma, a traditional South African shaman,” John writes. “I felt blessed by the ancient spirit of Africa, and I knew that I had started on a journey filled with magic and danger.” His path took him from the hills of South Korea, where he trained as a student under Zen Master Su Bong, to the rural African landscape of the Eastern Cape and the world of the sangoma mystic healers, where he found his teacher in the medicine woman called MaMngwevu.
In Leopard Warrior, John shares a gripping account of his experiences and the wisdom he learned over years of training. Here he invites you to discover:
• Powerful insights into the spiritual tradition of the Xhosa lineage of South Africa—the tribe of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu
• Ubuntu—a core concept for recognizing and embracing our deep interconnection with all living things
• Ancestor medicine—how we can learn to honor the blood in our veins, the heritage of our soul, and our shared humanity
• Recovering our forgotten knowledge about the wisdom of our dreams, the spirits of plants and animals, and the power of the unseen world
In traditional African healing circles, the leopard represents intuition, instinct, and harmony with nature and the spirit world. As John Lockley writes, “A leopard warrior is a spiritual soldier who mirrors the natural world and directs their gaze inward to answer the call of their spirit.” With Leopard Warrior, he brings us an inspiring call to action—showing how we can bridge the barriers that divide us, embrace the gifts of our ancestors, and reclaim our rightful place as compassionate caretakers of our world.

?The Body of God: An Emperor’s Palace for Krishna in Eighth-Century Kanchipuram by D. Dennis Hudson

English | September 25, 2008 | ISBN: 019536922X, ASIN: B001GNCS0A | AZW3 | 608 pages | 13.5 MB

This book is the crowning achievement of the remarkable scholar D. Dennis Hudson, bringing together the results of a lifetime of interdisciplinary study of south Indian Hinduism.
The book is a finely detailed examination of a virtually unstudied Tamil Hindu temple, the Vaikuntha Perumal (ca. 770 C.E.). Hudson offers a sustained reading of the temple as a coherent, organized, minutely conceptualized mandala. Its iconography and structure can be understood in the light of a ten-stanza poem by the Alvar poet Tirumangai, and of the Bhagavata Purana and other major religious texts, even as it in turn illuminates the meanings of those texts.
Hudson takes the reader step by step on a tour of the temple, telling the stories suggested by each of the 56 sculpted panels and showing how their relationship to one another brings out layers of meaning. He correlates the stories with stages in the spiritual growth of the king through the complex rituals that formed a crucial dimension of the religion. The result is a tapestry of interpretation that brings to life the richness of spiritual understanding embodied in the temple.
Hudson’s underlying assumption is that the temple itself constitutes a summa theologica for the Pancharatra doctrines in the Bhagavata tradition centered on Krishna as it had developed through the eighth century. This tradition was already ancient and had spread widely across South Asia and into Southeast Asia. By interweaving history with artistic, liturgical, and textual interpretation, Hudson makes a remarkable contribution to our understanding of an Indian religious and cultural tradition.

?The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi by Ramana Maharshi

English | August 10, 2004 | ISBN: 1590301390 | EPUB | 144 pages | 0.8 MB

The renowned Indian sage Ramana Maharshi is beloved by Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, and Taoists alike for the inspirational power of his teachings, which transcend all religious differences. Here is a collection of Sri Ramana’s instructions and discourses culled from three works: Who Am I?, Spiritual Instructions, and Maharshi’s Gospel. These teachings are arranged by topics such as work and renunciation, silence and solitude, peace and happiness, and the discipline of self-inquiry. Reading this book, presented in question-and-answer format, evokes the feeling of being with this outstanding teacher at one of his intimate teaching sessions.

?Brahma Kumari Pari, “Holographic Universe: An Introduction”

ISBN: 1512379514 | 2015 | EPUB | 202 pages | 532 KB

Through reading this eBook, you will have a better understanding on the Holographic Universe and your ability to have experiences in the Holographic Universe increases. Through keeping an open, clear mind (as you read), you can experience what the author has experienced and you will be able to understand what the author is explaining. Instead of just reading the words, read it with the intent to understand the depths of what is being explained. Keep contemplating on it until you experience and understand what is being said about the Holographic Universe. In this book, the explanations on the Holographic Universe are based on: 1. the guidance from God, 2. the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris, 3. Quantum Mechanics (nothing in this book is contrary to quantum mechanics), 4. research, 5. experiences of the author, 6. the knowledge on the chakras and aura, 7. the ancient Hindu texts, etc. There are explanations, in this book, about: 1. the various divisions and nature of the Holographic Universe. 2. how everything happens as per the World Drama (Akashic Records). 3. how people live in two kinds of worlds, the Real World and the Holographic World, at the same time. 4. the Holographic Film of the Hologram which we are participating in. 5. how various kinds of worlds exist. 6. how the quantum energies materialise the physical bodies and physical world through the Holographic Universe. 7. how the creation process takes place through the vortices and chakras. 8. Near Death Experiences. 9. the Cosmic Consciousness. 10. how subtle dimensions, holographic bodies and subtle bodies are created. 11. how the aura is used during experiences. 12. how quantum energies of different densities materialise a different kind of Real World for us to live in. 13. how the Holographic Universe changes when the world transforms. 14. the meditation and knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris. The explanations in this book, on the Holographic Universe, will help the reader to understand the contents of the author’s book titled “Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)” which is now available as an eBook. More on the Holographic Universe can also be found in the author’s book “Grow Rich while Walking into the Golden Aged World (with Meditation Commentaries)”.

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