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A Certain Light: A Memoir of Family, Loss and Hope by Cynthia Banham
Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies by Kitty Flanagan
Crossing Hoffa: A Teamster’s Story by Steven J. Harper
Hudson Taylor and China by David Malcolm Bennet
Anne E. Schraff, “Mahatma Gandhi”

?A Certain Light: A Memoir of Family, Loss and Hope by Cynthia Banham

English | March 21st, 2018 | ISBN: 1525273167 | 564 Pages | EPUB | 1.89 MB

Life is not defined by the bad things that happen to us. It certainly isn’t for me.’ Written for her young son so that he would know what had happened to his mother, Cynthia Banham’s inspiring family memoir uncovers a true picture of what survival means: ‘This book tells a story that I tried to write many times before, but couldn’t. For a long time, it was too painful to tell. It is also one I hadn’t known how to tell. It had to be more than a story about surviving a plane crash, a random event without intrinsic meaning.’
Unable until now to write her own story, Cynthia found that the lives of her Italian grandfather, Alfredo, and his intriguing older sister, Amelia, resonated with her own. Discovering their sacrifice, joy, fear and love, from Trieste to Germany and America, and finally to Australia, their stories mirror and illuminate Cynthia’s own determination and courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. From a remarkable writer, and told with unflinching honesty and compassion, A Certain Light speaks to the heart of what really matters in life.

?Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies by Kitty Flanagan

English | March 21st, 2018 | ISBN: 1760632058 | 256 Pages | EPUB | 1.35 MB

Kitty Flanagan has been locked in an industrial freezer in Western Australia, insulted about the size of her lady parts in Singapore and borne witness to the world’s most successful wife swap in suburban Sydney. It’s these valuable lessons from The University of Life that have taught her so many things, including the fact that cliches like ‘The University of Life’ are reeeally annoying.
In these funny, true stories, Kitty provides advice you didn’t even know you needed. Useful tips on how not to get murdered while hitch-hiking, how to break up with someone the wrong way, and the right way, why it’s important to keep your top on while waitressing, and why women between the ages of thirty-seven and forty-two should be banned from internet dating.

?Crossing Hoffa: A Teamster’s Story by Steven J. Harper

English | August 1st, 2009 | ASIN: B01MT6I3B4, ISBN: 0873515803, 1681340674 | 260 Pages | EPUB | 2.21 MB

On a spring day in 1961, over-the-road trucker Jim Harper was en route from Mauston, Wisconsin, to his home in Minneapolis. At 70 miles per hour, with a combined 60,000 pounds of man, machine, and material, he approached a curve along the Great River Road and hit the brakes. The tractor-trailer didn’t slow. Harper’s brake lines had been cut.
In preceding months, Harper had led an insurgency in his Teamsters’ Local 544 to clean up corruption among its leaders. His efforts drew the attention of none other than Jimmy Hoffa, at the time focused on securing his right to lead the national Teamsters organization without government intervention.
Jim Harper had his reasons for confronting his local’s leadership—a hardscrabble childhood and a stint in Angola prison had left him seeking redemption, and Jimmy Hoffa had publicly called for union reform. But Hoffa, under federal investigation for questionable financial dealings, had deep, dark secrets; the last thing he needed was a spotlight on Minneapolis. Despite the increasing threats to his life and those of his young family, Harper continued to press his case.
In this fascinating account, Harper’s son traces the interwoven paths of these two men—a criminal icon and a determined vigilante—from their formative years through their unbelievable face-off.

?Hudson Taylor and China by David Malcolm Bennet

English | March 19th, 2018 | ASIN: B07BFNQGGV, ISBN: 1925563375 | 218 Pages | EPUB | 1.00 MB

It is not so much great faith that we need, but faith in a great God.
At the age of 21, Hudson Taylor ventured on a dangerous sea voyage to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of China, demonstrating this faith he talked of. Why would a young man give up a promising future to venture into an alien country, let alone one torn apart by war? Would the Chinese accept him and would God bless his vision?
Hudson Taylor was so moved by the spiritual needs of the Chinese people that he obeyed God’s call and dedicated his life to taking the Gospel to the Chinese, founding the China Inland Mission. His story comes alive in this dramatised biography that relays the humanity, humour, and heart of the man widely regarded as one of the most significant and influential missionaries in the history of the Christian Church.
Hudson Taylor lived a life that boldly demonstrated faith in a great God, and his life still inspires and challenges many today.

?Anne E. Schraff, “Mahatma Gandhi”

2008 | pages: 67 | ISBN: 1599052482 | PDF | 5,2 mb

Mahatma Gandhi was a small man, but he helped bring about large-scale change in the world. Through peaceful acts of disobedience, Gandhi helped free India from British rule. See how Gandhi made extraordinary personal sacrifices and be inspired by his passion and peaceful ways.
Guided by Time Magazines list of 100 most influential people, the Biographies of the 20th Century series of softcover 64-page biographies focuses on the leaders, scientists, and icons who shaped our world. These people, many from very humble beginnings, changed how the world works. Each biography includes a glossary, timeline, and illustrations. An individual guide for each title provides reproducible activities to extend the text.

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