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Excuse Me: The Survival Guide to Modern Business Etiquette
Lessons for Non-Profit and Start-Up Leaders: Tales from a Reluctant CEO
Money Machine: The Surprisingly Simple Power of Value Investing
Rental-Property Profits: A Financial Tool Kit for Landlords, Second Edition
The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain

?Excuse Me: The Survival Guide to Modern Business Etiquette

AMACOM | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 0814437915 | 288 pages | PDF | 2.29 mb

by Rosanne J. Thomas (Author)
‘Both novice and experienced workers will find a wealth of business etiquette in a book that, instead of excusing bad behavior, could help prevent it from happening in the first place.’ – Foreword Reviews, 5 Star Review
In today’s workplace, good manners matter more than ever.
Blending different generations, genders, and cultures brings energy and fresh perspectives to the workplace. But the flip side is an environment ripe for confusion and social blunders. Mix in increasingly open-plan workplaces and constant connectivity, and the chance that we’ll unintentionally annoy or offend others increases exponentially.
Exactly what are the rules these days? Is it acceptable to text your boss at home? What is the polite way to ask a colleague to take a distracting conversation behind closed doors? What about the use of smartphones in meetings? Merging classic rules of behavior with new realities of modern business, Excuse Me spotlights dozens of puzzling situations, with suggestions for bridging divides. The book untangles the nuances of:
Meeting etiquette
– Interview expectations
– Proper office attire
– Electronic manners
– Privacy in tight spaces
– Eye contact and nonverbal cues
– Small talk
– Business dining
– Social media use
– Working remotely and flexibly
– And more.
While the youngest employees might seem unruly, the oldest can seem rigid. Good manners create an atmosphere of respect, and smooth the way for everyone to succeed.

?Lessons for Non-Profit and Start-Up Leaders: Tales from a Reluctant CEO

Rowman & Littlefield | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 1442276533 | 196 pages | PDF | 1.54 mb

by Maxine, Ph.D Harris (Author), Michael B., Ph.D O’Leary (Author)
Lessons for Non-Profit and Start-Up Leaders: Tales from a Reluctant CEO uses the experiences of a real company, Community Connections, to bring to life the practical dilemmas that an organization founded on a mission and guided by a set of ideals must confront and solve if it is to thrive. With no business or financial background, Maxine Harris and her partner Helen Bergman grew a tiny startup into a $35 million business. Through trial and error, they learned how to manage finances, hire staff, overcome barriers, and adapt to changing business models. In Lessons for Non-Profit and Start-Up Leaders, Harris shares her insights, struggles, and mistakes with the goal of helping others who may be starting and running non-profit organizations. She spells out the ways in which creativity, tenacity, and the power of relationships helped her and her partner overcome barriers that often cause start-ups to flounder in their first years of operation. In a humorous and novel twist, the book engages the reader with a series of original fables, each tailored to introduce a business dilemma in the language of “make-believe.” Michael O’Leary provides commentary that places the stories and case studies from Community Connections into a broader context, making the lessons accessible to anyone working in the non-profit or startup sector.

?Money Machine: The Surprisingly Simple Power of Value Investing

AMACOM | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 0814438563 | 320 pages | PDF | 3.43 mb

by Gary Smith (Author)
Put your money to work-the smart way.
Overheard a seductive stock tip? Saw a story on a promising new product? Stop chasing quick payoffs that will never pan out. If you want to succeed in the market, start thinking of stocks as money machines.
Investing in the market doesn’t have to be reckless speculation-gambling on guesses about zigs and zags in stock prices. Money Machine explains how to invest based on value, selecting stocks that will continue to enrich you for years to come. Value investing is the secret to the success of Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, and other Wall Street legends. It can be your secret, too. Discover how to:
– Judge a stock by the cash it generates
– Determine its intrinsic value
– Use key investment benchmarks such as price-earnings ratio, dividend-price ratio, q ratio-and the Bogle and Shiller models
– Recognize stock market bubbles and profit from panics
– Avoid psychological traps that can trip you up
– And more
The stock market is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But it is the best way to achieve the financial success you’ve always dreamed of. Money Machine will help you make those dreams come true.

?Rental-Property Profits: A Financial Tool Kit for Landlords, Second Edition

AMACOM | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 0814438539 | 272 pages | PDF | 4.85 mb

by Michael C. Thomsett (Author)
Real estate investing doesn’t have to be risky.
With rental prices climbing, vacancy rates low, and property values rising, real estate investing has become a tempting option for achieving financial security.
The idea is simple: buy a property, fix it up, and then rent it until you’re ready to sell. But the reality can be confusing, requiring in-depth financial and tax knowledge that most newcomers lack.
Rental-Property Profits walks you through every important step, from spotting smart investments to taking advantage of tax breaks and loop holes. With clear language and updated forms, worksheets, checklists, and formulas, this new edition explains how to:
Evaluate risks and opportunities in a post-recession market
– Determine if you qualify for an investor loan
– Calculate cash flow and maintain healthy levels
– Establish sound bookkeeping and accounting systems
– Handle rental property depreciation
– Report annual income and expenses accurately
– And much more
Housing is bouncing back, and the number of real estate investors is growing. This book will help build your nest egg, while bypassing costly mistakes.

?The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain

AMACOM | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 0814438245 | 208 pages | PDF | 4.22 mb

by Victor Prince (Author)
A leadership journey unlike any other.
Stretching across 500 miles of northern Spain, the Camino de Santiago has been a pilgrimage route for a millennium. Each year, hundreds of thousands of peregrinos make their way through rugged countryside and medieval towns in order to reflect, test their will, and join a community of strangers on a shared mission. In short, it’s the ideal training ground for authentic leadership.
Challenged to walk the Camino, Victor Prince began his trek as one person: driven, work-focused and highly competitive, and he finished it a very different one: more balanced, more caring, and more present in the moment. In this transformative book he guides readers on their own Camino, translating his experience into seven essential leadership lessons inspired by the values emblazoned on the back of every pilgrim’s passport:
Treat each day as its own adventure
– Make others feel welcome
– Learn from those who’ve walked before
– Consider your impact on those who follow
– And more
Leadership is a journey. The Camino Way prepares you to tackle it with a pilgrim’s heart, a wayfarer’s grit, and a leader’s vision.

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