Beat Information Overload by Aurelius Tjin In today’s digital society, our minds are under…

Beat Information Overload by Aurelius Tjin

In today’s digital society, our minds are under siege. We feel this from the moment we open our eyes and pick up our smartphones until the moment we fall asleep at night. Our minds are filled with tasks to complete, dates to remember, and expectations we need to fulfill. We can’t seem to keep it all in front of us. We are constantly deluged with information that grows by the minute. The exponential growth of information we are required to absorb daily is impacting the way we work, live, and play. The rate at which our world is changing is fast and accelerating at breakneck speed, yet our minds are the same as they were thousands of years ago. Author and filmmaker, Rick Smolan states that a person in the 15th century would need their entire life to be exposed to the amount of information that the average person today experiences every day. The effects of this information overload are affecting us in ways that impact every aspect of our lives. We are experiencing more stress than ever before and a general sense of being overwhelmed.

Understanding the Enemy

Information overload is the enemy that is silently creeping up on us daily. It is changing our lives in a subtle yet dramatic way. We’ve gradually moved from a quiet simplistic world to one that is dominated by information. However, we’ve barely acknowledged this change. By examining our environment and understanding the limitations on our internal memory, we can begin to form a foundation of understanding and overcome information overload.

You have to come to understand the limitations of your capabilities and establish the correct fundamental skills and techniques to overcome these limitations successfully. This will help you to reach new levels of productivity in your life. There are those among us that have quietly designed their lives based on their wishes. This creates a sense of control and calmness in today’s chaotic world. Before you can reach this sense of power and calm you have to carefully examine yourself and your limitations.

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Beat Information Overload

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