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Chakra Workbook: Rebalance Your Body’s Vital Energies by Pauline Wills
The Encore: A Memoir in Three Acts by Charity Tillemann-Dick
Tarot Forecasts 2018 by Karmel Nair
The Body Nirvana: More Than Just a Weight-loss Book by Garima Gupta
Wild Magic: The Wildwood Tarot Workbook by Mark Ryan, John Matthews

?Chakra Workbook: Rebalance Your Body’s Vital Energies by Pauline Wills

English | November 21st, 2017 | ISBN: 1454928336 | 128 Pages | EPUB | 8.87 MB

Awaken and revitalize your own natural energy with this ultimate guide to balancing your chakras.
When our chakras—the spinning wheels of energy in the body’s aura—are in harmony, we feel vital and energetic. But when they become unbalanced, we quickly become tired and out of sorts.
Drawing on ancient Indian healing systems, Pauline Wills puts us on the path to spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being as she explains where the seven major centers are located, how they are linked, and how they influence our health and happiness. Practical exercises, which range from color work, reflexology, and yoga to meditation and mantras, provide a chakra workout that balances each one in turn.

?The Encore: A Memoir in Three Acts by Charity Tillemann-Dick

English | October 3rd, 2017 | ASIN: B010MH9YN4, ISBN: 1501102311 | 321 Pages | EPUB | 3.29 MB

The remarkable true story of acclaimed opera singer Charity Tillemann-Dick, who received not one but two double lung transplants and went from struggling to draw a single breath to singing at the most prestigious venues in the world.
Charity Tillemann-Dick was a vivacious young American soprano studying at the celebrated Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest when she received devastating news: her lungs were failing, her heart was three and a half sizes too big, and she would die within five years. Inexplicably, despite her fatal pulmonary condition, she could still sing. Medical experts advised Charity to abandon her musical dreams, but if her time was running out, she wanted to spend it doing what she loved.
In just three years, she endured two double lung transplants. Teetering between life and death, she slowly learned to breathe, walk, talk, eat, and sing again. With new lungs and fierce determination, she eventually fell in love, rebuilt her career, and reclaimed her life. Over a decade after her diagnosis, she has a chart-topping album, performs around the globe, and is a leading voice for organ donation.
Weaving Charity’s extraordinary tale of triumph with those of opera’s greatest heroines, The Encore illuminates the indomitable human spirit. It’s the story of confronting devastating challenges with love: the intimate love of a mother for her daughter, a man for a woman, a doctor for her craft, and a singer for her music. Ultimately, grace from God and strangers enabled the work of love to save one young woman’s breath and allowed her to reclaim her life.

?Tarot Forecasts 2018 by Karmel Nair

English | October 10th, 2017 | ASIN: B076R34SY9, ISBN: 9352770846 | 280 Pages | EPUB | 1.65 MB

Tarot Forecasts 2018 unravels your future with the help of tarot cards. Know what’s in store for you through the medium of Tarot, which foretells your destiny in love, health, wealth and career. Resolve the uncertainties of life by using the book as a guideline and harness your spiritual power by following the instructions laid out herein to be mindful. After all, a mindful present will lead to a happy future.
Tarot Forecasts 2018 is a new-age guide to know what lies ahead and how to change what you see through the concept of mindfulness. It is a combination of logic and magic!

?The Body Nirvana: More Than Just a Weight-loss Book by Garima Gupta

English | April 10th, 2017 | ASIN: B06XVZQXVB, ISBN: 9352644344 | 256 Pages | EPUB | 5.03 MB

The body listens, remembers and speaks to us. We receive the body’s messages all the time, although we seldom recognize them. Our body expresses its unmet needs and calls for attention in many ways.
And so it is with weight. This is a puzzling matter only because some pieces of the puzzle are not in the box you were handed. Your weight is not a body issue. Excess weight is really a multi-dimensional problem showing up as an oversized body.
Popular media is still full of diet and exercise advice that is based on sacrifice and punishment. Too few books use this research to show how weight can be reduced in a happier and healthier way. The Body Nirvana is about gradually letting go of everything that literally and metaphorically weighs you down. It is time to rejoice in your body’s vitality and its capacity to take you towards your life’s goals!

?Wild Magic: The Wildwood Tarot Workbook by Mark Ryan, John Matthews

English | November 21st, 2017 | ISBN: 1454926406, 1859064124 | 160 Pages | EPUB | 5.53 MB

Invoke the power of the Wildwood, of the Green Man and the Green Woman, and of the living archetypes of the forest such as Robin-in-the-Hood, with this new companion to the bestselling Wildwood Tarot. Authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews take us across time, to the pre-Celtic world of the forest than once cloaked much of the world, where primal forces roamed free and opened doorways into the otherworld of the Ancestors.
With chapters on the Lore of the Wildwood, shamanic methods of exploring the inner reaches, and meditations designed to enable powerful, personal encounters with the Wildwood archetypes, as well as the authors’ own insights on ways to read the cards plus an intriguing glimpse into what science can tell us about the tarot, the book takes a new and informed look as set of ancient applied to our lives today.

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