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What Every Engineer Should Know About Excel, Second Edition
Office 2007 For Dummies by Wallace Wang
Beginning Mac OS X Snow Leopard Programming By Michael Trent, Drew McCormack
Mac for Seniors
The Android Guidebook

?What Every Engineer Should Know About Excel, Second Edition

English | 2017 | ISBN: 1138035300 | 248 Pages | True PDF | 48 MB

Understanding the powerful computational and graphics capabilities of Microsoft Excel is an enormous benefit to engineers and technical professionals in almost any field and at all levels of experience. What Every Engineer Should Know About Excel is a practical guide to unlocking the features and functions of this program, using examples and screenshots to walk readers through the steps to build a strong understanding of the material. This second edition is updated to reflect the latest version of Excel (2016) and expands its scope to include data management, connectivity to external data sources, and integration with ‘the cloud’ for optimal use of the Excel product. It also introduces the ribbon bar navigation prevalent in Microsoft products beginning with the 2007 version of MS Office. Covering a variety of topics in self-contained chapters, this handy guide will also prove useful for professionals in IT, finance, and real estate.
“This book unleashes the incredible power Excel offers for engineers and scientists. Reviewing the book, I found myself simply browsing the many features of Excel that I had previously not explored. Every engineer and scientist will benefit from this book at some level and I only regret that I didn’t have access to a guide such as this earlier in my career. This book is extraordinarily well-organized. Any topic of interest can be quickly and easily accessed simply by referring to the Table of Contents. Once located, the topic is clearly and concisely presented with helpful illustrations and examples.” – Stephen M. Collard, St. David’s Foundation, Austin, Texas, USA

?Office 2007 For Dummies by Wallace Wang

English | 11 Dec. 2006 | ISBN: 0470009233 | 432 Pages | PDF | 18 MB

What′s new at the Office? A lot, and this book takes you through all the cool changes and enhancements so you can rev up and go. Find your way around the new interface, dress up your documents, create spreadsheets that actually make sense, give presentations that wow your audience, and organize your life.

?Beginning Mac OS X Snow Leopard Programming By Michael Trent, Drew McCormack

Publisher: Wrox 2010 | 672 Pages | ISBN: 0470577525 | PDF | 46 MB

A solid introduction to programming on the Mac OS X Snow Leopard platform
The Mac OS X Snow Leopard system comes with everything you need in its complete set of development tools and resources. However, finding where to begin can be challenging. This book serves as an ideal starting point for programming on the Mac OS X Snow Leopard platform. Step-by-step instructions walk you through the details of each featured example so that you can type them out, run them, and even figure out how to debug them when they don’t work right.

?Mac for Seniors

Papercut Limited | 2017 | English | ISBN: 190730679X | True PDF | 148 pages | 26 MB

Are you comfortable with your Mac or do you have to keep asking your children and grandchildren how to do things? Are you making the most of its amazing apps and features or do you get by with the bare-bones basics, with the majority of its functions completely alien to you? If you’re looking for a helping hand with your Mac, Mac for Seniors is exactly what you need. Our in-depth, easy-tofollow tutorials take you through everything from the set up process to its advanced features. Every key app is included and we show you how to
customise your Mac to suit your needs too. With our help, you’ll soon be using
your iMac, MacBook, Mac mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Mac Pro like a champ.

?The Android Guidebook

Papercut Limited | 2017 | English | ISBN: 1907306714 | True PDF | 148 pages | 42 MB

Learn how to get more from your Android device, from managing your notifications and contacts, to exploring new apps and mastering the camera. Find out the best way to set up your phone or tablet and the easiest way to protect it and keep it running smoothly. Discover great tips that show you how to prolong the battery life and use less mobile data, and solve the most commonly encountered Android problems.
Step-by-step Guides
Getting things done on Android can seem confusingly complex when you first start using it but The Android Guidebook will help to make things seem simple. Detailed step-by-step guides take you through each stage of setting up and using key apps and features on Android.
Do More with Android
Android has never been more powerful, more useful or more usable. So why not take advantage of all it can offer. Learn how to improve security and boost performance, discover how best to manage your apps and see how to chat with Google Allo.
Essential Tips and Tricks
Whether you are an experienced Android user or a complete newbie, you are sure to find that there are plenty of new tips and tricks throughout this guide, aimed at making your mobile or tablet experience better, faster or easier one step at a time.

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