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Raymond Davis, George Stanley, “Quimica, 10a edicion”
Electrode Dynamics (Oxford Chemistry Primers) by A. C. Fisher
Pelagia-Irene Gouma, “Nanomaterials for Chemical Sensors and Biotechnology”
Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity
General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

?Raymond Davis, George Stanley, “Quimica, 10a edicion”

2014 | Spanish | ISBN-10: 6075199594 | 1192 pages | PDF | 19 MB

Quimica, 10a edicion, es un curso introductorio que prepara a los estudiantes de diferentes disciplinas como quimica, biologia, geologia, fisica, ingenieria y materias afines. No se presupone el conocimiento previo de temas de quimica, los iran aprendiendo conforme avancen en su estudio. Se ofrecen los medios para que los estudiantes comprendan los conceptos fundamentales de la quimica; la capacidad para resolver problemas se basa en esta comprension. La intencion es dar a los estudiantes las mejores herramientas para aprender quimica, y para lograrlo, se incorporan y amplian aspectos que destacan la comprension de conceptos y se dan lineamientos para abordar de mejor manera su aprendizaje. La obra tiene presentaciones independientes de los fundamentos de quimica, el objetivo es transmitir a los estudiantes la dinamica y los aspectos cambiantes de la quimica en el mundo moderno.

?Electrode Dynamics (Oxford Chemistry Primers) by A. C. Fisher

Language: English | 1996 | ISBN: 019855690X | 96 pages | PDF (scan) | 2,55 MB

This lavishly illustrated textbook provides a framework of the key concepts involved in electrochemical kinetics. A wide range of modern electrochemical techniques and applications are discussed. The mathematical content has been minimized for clarity, while retaining the important results necessary for physical insight. A substantial series of examples and illustrations is taken from the recent research literature to explore the potential applications of electrochemical techniques. This book will be of interest to students taking courses in chemistry, material science and physics.

?Pelagia-Irene Gouma, “Nanomaterials for Chemical Sensors and Biotechnology”

2009 | ISBN-10: 9814267112 | 159 pages | PDF | 7 MB

A guide to the interdisciplinary fields of nanomaterials, sensors, and biotechnology, this book demonstrates functional applications of nanotechnology in diverse areas such as environmental sensing and space habitation, medical diagnostics, and tissue regeneration. With a focus on novel materials synthesis, such as using the nanomanufacturing technique of electrospinning to get the longest nanowires possible, a correlation is made of the effect of chemical, structural, and morphological features to achieve extreme materials functionality. This book serves as a manual to nanotechnology for novices and experts alike, from the materials scientist to the biophysicist, bioengineer, and medical scientist.

?Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity

English | 27 Jan. 2014 | ISBN: 1133949649 | 1408 Pages | PDF | 192.12 MB

Succeed in chemistry with the clear explanations, problem-solving strategies, and dynamic study tools of CHEMISTRY & CHEMICAL REACTIVITY, 9e. Combining thorough instruction with the powerful multimedia tools you need to develop a deeper understanding of general chemistry concepts, the text emphasizes the visual nature of chemistry, illustrating the close interrelationship of the macroscopic, symbolic, and particulate levels of chemistry. The art program illustrates each of these levels in engaging detail Cand is fully integrated with key media components. In addition access to OWLv2 may be purchased separately or at a special price if packaged with this text. OWLv2 is an online homework and tutorial system that helps you maximize your study time and improve your success in the course. OWLv2 includes an interactive eBook, as well as hundreds of guided simulations, animations, and video clips.

?General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

English | 1 Jan. 2012 | ISBN: 1133103944 | 992 Pages | PDF | 138.75 MB

Succeed in chemistry with GENERAL, ORGANIC, AND BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY’S clear explanations, engaging visual support, and easy usability. Ideal for allied health majors, this Sixth Edition emphasizes the applications of chemistry. Early chapters focus on fundamental chemical principles while later chapters build on the foundation of these principles, developing the concepts and applications central to organic and biological chemistry. Mathematics is introduced at point-of-use and only as needed.

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