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Trade in Counterfeit ICT Goods
Taxing Wages 2017
Accrual Practices and Reform Experiences in OECD Countries by Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
ProvenCare: How to Deliver Value-Based Healthcare the Geisinger Way by Glenn D. Steele Jr., David T. Feinberg
Paolo Guccini – Startup. Trasformare un’idea in un’impresa di successo

?Trade in Counterfeit ICT Goods

English | 2017 | ISBN: 9264270825 | 92 Pages | PDF | 4.1 MB

Recent years have witnessed a constant rise in the spread of Ict (information and communication technologies) infrastructure and a growing demand for Ict goods. The production of these goods is knowledge intensive and the industry relies extensively on intellectual property (Ip) rights. This strong and growing demand for Ict goods, and their Ip dependence, makes them an attractive target for counterfeiters. This study looks at the trade in counterfeit Ict goods, including the size of the trade, the main sources of fake goods, and the countries whose companies are most affected.

?Taxing Wages 2017

English | 2017 | ISBN: 9264270760 | 584 Pages | PDF | 17.7 MB

This annual flagship publication provides details of taxes paid on wages in OECD countries. It covers personal income taxes and social security contributions paid by employees, social security contributions and payroll taxes paid by employers, and cash benefits received by in-work families. It illustrates how these taxes and benefits are calculated in each member country and examines how they impact household incomes. The results also enable quantitative cross-country comparisons of labour cost levels and the overall tax and benefit position of single persons and families on different levels of earnings. The publication shows average and marginal effective tax rates on labour costs for eight different household types, which vary by income level and household composition (single persons, single parents, one or two earner couples with or without children). The average tax rates measure the part of gross wage earnings or labour costs taken in tax and social security contributions, both before and after cash benefits, and the marginal tax rates the part of a small increase of gross earnings or labour costs that is paid in these levies.

?Accrual Practices and Reform Experiences in OECD Countries by Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development

English | 2017 | ISBN: 9264270558 | 127 Pages | PDF | 3.5 MB

Financial reporting is one of the foundations of good fiscal management. High-quality financial reports are essential to ensure that a government’s fiscal decisions are based on the most up-to-date and accurate understanding of its financial position. Financial reports are also the mechanism through which legislatures, auditors, and the public at large hold governments accountable for their financial performance. Over the past two decades, a growing number of governments have begun moving away from pure cash accounting toward accrual accounting to improve transparency and accountability and better inform fiscal decision making. This study reviews and compares accounting and budgeting practices at the national government level in OECD countries. It also discusses both the challenges and benefits of accruals reforms. Finally, it looks at some steps countries are taking to make better use of accrual information in the future. This is a joint publication with the International Federation of Accountants and the OECD.

?ProvenCare: How to Deliver Value-Based Healthcare the Geisinger Way by Glenn D. Steele Jr., David T. Feinberg

English | November 3rd, 2017 (2018 Edition) | ASIN: B0743M33TM, ISBN: 1259642283 | 191 Pages | EPUB | 6.21 MB

The gold standard in reengineering healthcare delivery. When it comes to providing high-quality care in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible, ProvenCare has proven to be the gold standard in the industry.
Developed at Geisinger Health System and praised by healthcare leaders worldwide, this pioneering approach provides an essential blueprint for healthcare executives who want to provide higher levels of care for their patients, greater incentives for practitioners, and smarter solutions at lower costs.
ProvenCare will help you achieve four transformational goals:
1. Create a truly integrated system that connects all employees―physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians and specialists, administrators, desk clerks, IT workers, food services, security guards, even financial officers.
2. Nurture partnerships between payers and providers―by sharing crucial medical information as well as financial risks.
3. Strengthen your leadership―from top to bottom, in every department and division.
4. Drive continuous innovation―with sustainable benefits for future success.
Packed with practical solutions to pervasive industry problems, this book provides you with the same field-tested strategies that have made Geisinger one of the most respected names in the healthcare industry. Written by the physician executive who led the development and implementation of ProvenCare and the current CEO of this widely hailed organization, this authoritative guide shows leaders how to reengineer care delivery using innovative strategies, proven processes, and performance-enhancing tools that will create value, improve quality, and reduce costs.
Best of all, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle challenges in the future. Whether it’s new government guidelines or insurance industry upsets, the fundamental challenges in healthcare will always remain the same: access, quality, and cost. With ProvenCare, you’ll have the tools you need to deliver the best care in the best way at the best price.

?Paolo Guccini – Startup. Trasformare un’idea in un’impresa di successo

Italian | 2017 | 244 pages | ISBN: 8850334184 | EPUB | 18 MB

Diventare uno startupper e dare vita a un’idea imprenditoriale innovativa è il sogno di molti, ma spesso ci si dimentica che una startup è, prima di tutto, un’impresa. Trovata l’idea giusta, prima di esordire sul mercato bisogna affrontare una serie di questioni tipiche della fondazione di una nuova azienda, che spesso celano insidie. Questo manuale è una guida per aspiranti startupper. Ogni capitolo presenta un tema specifico in una sequenza che parte dall’idea per arrivare al cliente. In mezzo trovano spazio gli aspetti operativi e societari, il tema del reperimento dei finanziamenti e le problematiche fiscali, le analisi di mercato e i relativi documenti di business, la valutazione dei costi e la definizione dei prezzi, i consigli su come ragionare gli investimenti di marketing e comunicazione, la delicata questione della vendita e dei pagamenti, fino ad arrivare alla gestione dei rapporti con il pubblico. Il lettore può così partire con il piede giusto, prevenendo i problemi che nascono strada facendo e puntando al successo.

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ProvenCare How to Deliver Value-Based Healthcare the Geisinger Way.pdf

Paolo Guccini – Startup. Trasformare un’idea in un’impresa di successo.epub

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