1. JAVA : CLASSES IN JAVA APLICATION Year: July 19, 2017 About the Author…


Year: July 19, 2017

About the Author
Herbert Schildt is the world’s leading programming author and a leading authority on Java, C++ and C#. Herb’s acclaimed books include Java: The Complete Reference, Java: A Beginner’s Guide, C++: The Complete Reference and C#: The Complete Reference.
Fully updated for Java SE 8: covers new features, includes modules and lambda expressions
AWT related material condensed, Focus shifted to Swing
3 new chapters on JavaFX
Dynamic code examples show key features in action, Information on Java’s core libraries and key programming techniques
Source codes for all examples and projects in the book available for free download
Best book our programming
Java related all contens clearly solve
Java classes in java application

2. Quick Clojure: Effective Functional Programming

Get up to speed with Clojure in this quick and practical primer. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of functional programming, data structures, sequences, destructuring, pattern matching, polymorphism, concurrency, conventions, and more. Author Mark McDonnell talks about organization with namespaces; how to change the language via macros; object-oriented programming; and creating command-line apps. Finally, he shows you how to write Clojure from shell languages and interfaces such as Vim.
After reading and using Quick Clojure, you’ll come away with first-hand knowledge and advice on how to quickly adopt, use, and apply Clojure without all the theoretical baggage that bigger books can sometimes bring.
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