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Jean-Claude Suares, Jane Martin – Cats In Love
Sharon Beals – What Puppies Do
The Dog Merchants: Inside the Big Business of Breeders, Pet Stores, and Rescuers by Kim Kavin
Storey’s Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America by Judith Dutson
Neotropical Owls: Diversity and Conservation By Paula L. Enriquez

🔆Jean-Claude Suares, Jane Martin – Cats In Love

Cats in Love, by J.C. Suares and Jane Martin, is a collection of pictures and brief stories about cats and their unlikely companions. This short book opens up with an introduction by Jane Martin discussing whether or not cats can truly love or not. Martin concludes that cats do love, and deeply, but not exactly in the same way humans are used to. Then the book continues with stories from various people such as artists, designers, and behaviorists to prove this point.
Cats in Love is filled with cute stories and beautiful black and white pictures, which are not necessarily related to the story printed next to it. Many of the stories will make you laugh or wish that you could find an amazing cat pair. My personal favorite is the story of the Hawaiian jungle cat, which only shows up once a year while a band is staying in a nearby cabin. The cat and the band developed a routine where she will greet everyone individually by sitting in their lap, dine on whatever leftovers they do not want during their stay, and then on the last day give birth to her kittens. How a cat knows exactly when a band will come to visit, and furthermore, time her pregnancy so that she gives birth on the day they are leaving is pretty fascinating.
In other words, Cats in Love is a great book for animal lovers and children!

🔆Sharon Beals – What Puppies Do

Dogs will be dogs, and puppies will be…irresistible. Nipping at the heels of the wildly successful What Dogs Do, What Puppies Do turns the camera on the uninhibited youngsters of the canine kingdom to discover what it is that they do best. In 30 endearing images accompanied by one-word captions that somehow say it all, photographer Sharon Beals succinctly captures the very essence of puppydom. From the adorable boxer pup chewing his sibling’s snout to a rascally retriever mix collecting an array of shoes, these snaps of playful purebreds and mischievous mutts will start tails wagging. Sure to stop dog lovers in their tracks, this is just the thing to delight anyone who’s ever had a puppy or wished for one.

🔆The Dog Merchants: Inside the Big Business of Breeders, Pet Stores, and Rescuers by Kim Kavin

We love them with all our hearts, but do we really know where our dogs came from? Kim Kavin, author of Little Boy Blue, reveals the complex network behind the $11 billion-a-year business of selling dogs. A must-read for the benefit of all dogs, everywhere.
In what promises to become an “Omnivore’s Dilemma” for dog lovers—breed devotees and adoption advocates alike—The Dog Merchants is the first book to explain the complex and often surprisingly similar business practices that extend from the American Kennel Club to local shelters, from Westminster champions to dog auctions.
Without judging dog lovers of any stripe, The Dog Merchants makes it clear that money spent among these dog merchants has real-world effects on people and canines. Kavin reveals how dog merchants create markets for dogs, often in defiance of the usual rules of supply and demand. She takes an investigative approach and meets breeders and rescuers at all levels, shedding much-needed light on an industry that most people don’t even realize is an industry.
Kavin’s goal is to advance the conversation about how all dogs are treated, from puppy mills to high-kill shelters. She shows that a great deal can be improved by understanding the business practices behind selling dogs of all kinds. Instead of pitting rescue and purebred people against each other, The Dog Merchants shows how all dog lovers can come together, with one voice as consumers, on behalf of all our beloved companions.

🔆Storey’s Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America by Judith Dutson

From the Pryor Mountain Mustang to the Tennessee Walking Horse, North America is home to an amazing variety of horses. In this lavish, photograph-filled guide, Judith Dutson provides 96 in-depth profiles that include each breed’s history, special uses, conformation standards, and more. You’ll learn about homegrown favorites like the Morgan, Appaloosa, and Quarter Horse, as well as exotic imports like the Mangalarga Marchador and the Selle Français. Take a continental horse tour without ever leaving your home.

🔆Neotropical Owls: Diversity and Conservation By Paula L. Enriquez

This book presents a comprehensive biological and ecological information about owls in the neotropic area. In addition the book covers topics such as threats and conservation strategies for these nocturnal birds of prey from 18 Neotropical countries. Owls are a good example of diversification processes and have developed evolutionary characteristics themselves.
These species are found almost everywhere in the world but most of them are distributed in tropical areas and about a third of them live in the Neotropics. This biogeographic region has a high biodiversity and even share lineages of species from other continents because at some point all were part of Pangea. Although we still have much to know and understand about this diverse, scarcely studied and threatened group this work aims to be a precedent for future and further research on the subject.

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