Tips on Finding the Best Chinese Tuition in Singapore

Are you looking for a Chinese tutor to conduct Chinese tuition for your child? If your answer is yes, then you would probably want to know how you should select the best Chinese tutor for your child. In this article, I would like to share my experience and tips on finding good Chinese tuition for your child.

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Finding a Suitable Chinese Tuition

Check the Quality of the Chinese Tutor

First, you must make sure that the Chinese tutor is caring, approachable, and patient. These qualities are essential for your child to feel comfortable learning, asking questions, and making mistakes while learning. Chinese, unlike other primary school or secondary school subjects, requires lots of effort, time, and patience to master. Your child must favor the learning environment that he is in as it will drastically affect the effectiveness of learning.

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Before you enroll your child in any Chinese tuition, make sure that he attends the trial lesson. After the lesson, ask your child if he loves the environment and does learn something useful. If your child’s response is positive, then you might consider letting him go for long term tuition with the Chinese tutor/tuition.

The venue of the Chinese tuition

Next, you might want to consider the venue for Chinese tuition. If you are looking to get a private Chinese tutor for your child, this might not be a concerning factor for you. Most private tutors tend to travel to your house or condo to conduct Chinese tuition for your child.

However, if you are looking to enroll your child in Chinese tuition in a tuition center, location wise is a significant factor you might want to consider. An ideal location is one where the tuition center is accessible and convenient for your child. One example of a suitable tuition center is one where it’s near to your child’s school or your house. In this case, your child would not have to spend too much time traveling and make him feel tired and unmotivated to learn Chinese.

However, many parents believe in sending their children to the best Chinese tuition center in town. These popular tuition centers are mostly located in the town area, which is far away from most students in Singapore. I would not recommend sending your kids to these tuition centers as it would take up a significant portion of their time (commonly weekends) on tuition.

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Should I Choose a Private Chinese Tutor or Tuition Center?

You should choose a private Chinese tutor if your child is falling behind his peers and requires faster improvements, targeted help, and more personalized feedback on your child’s works. On the other hand, you may consider enrolling your child in a tuition center if you feel your child is average and requires more Chinese practices to push his score higher in the Chinese examination.

Also, you might want to consider the pricing of the duo. Chinese private tuition tends to be more expensive than enrolling in a tuition center. It is because the tutor spends more time on your child and travel to a convenient location to conduct tuition. On the flip side, a tuition center can accommodate a large group of students, which lower the cost of tuition fees.

Where to Find a Chinese Tutors/Tuition Centers for my Child?

There are many options to find Chinese tuition in Singapore. You can engage a tuition agency, search for a Chinese tutor youself, or approach tuition centers that are near your house.

Engaging a tuition agency is probably the fastest way to find a suitable Chinese private tutor for your child. It is because the agents would shortlist tutors based on your requirements and match them to you. You only have to select the best Chinese tutor that you would like to continue long term classes. However, the tutors have to pay an agent fee, and they might pass on the cost to you by raising their tuition rates.

Alternatively, you can search for Chinese tutors that are available to teach by hiring them directly without an agent. You can find them for free on platforms such as Carousell or Gumtree. Based on their teaching experiences and style, you have to select a tutor yourself. Although this method is free and the most cost-effective one, you might spend some time searching for a suitable tutor and not know if the tutor’s credentials are verified.

Also, you can look for tuition centers that are near your house. You can do so through a simple google search or finding out from your neighborhood. Overall, this option is the cheapest as Chinese group tuition tends to much less expensive than private tutors. This type of Chinese education is suitable for parents who might not want to spend too much on teaching for their kids.

What Are the Rates of Primary School Chinese Tuition?

For private tutors, student tutors are charging about $20/hr, degree holders, about $30/hr, and ex-school teachers about $40/hr.

For tuition centers, tuition fees may cost around $100 to $150 per month.

How to Improve Chinese Exam Grades?

Besides having tuition to help your child improve his examination grade, it is essential to give your child more exposure to Chinese.

You can, for example, purchase more Chinese books that suit your child’s standard. Additionally, you can encourage your child to watch more Chinese television programs that help your child to read and listen to more Chinese. In your family, you may want to start speaking more Chinese, if possible. All in all, you must use a wide range of approaches to help your child improve his Chinese language standard. Depending solely on tuition may not be a long term solution.