How much does a kitchen cabinet cost in Singapore?

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen in Singapore, and unsure of the cost of the cabinet for your kitchen? In this article, I will share with you the typical cost of getting a new cabinet.

What is the price of a kitchen cabinet?

The price of a typical custom made 20 feet kitchen cabinet costs around $6000 to $7000 for those that are made with 100% aluminium. For a wooden cabinet, it will cost much lower.

If you have a much lower budget, you may choose to purchase a ready-made cabinet. However, if you are looking to renovate your home for long term use, we suggest opting for a custom made cabinet, where contractors can build your dream cabinet.

Is aluminium the best cabinet material in a kitchen?

Yes. Over the years, aluminium cabinets have been increasingly popular among Singapore households. Aluminium is better than the conventional wooden cabinet for a number of reasons.

Practically, aluminium cabinets are much easier to maintain, and are much more durable than their wooden counterparts. This is because aluminium is waterproof, and can withstand strong heat. They are safe to be cleaned with any chemicals, making it very easy to maintain. Most aluminium cabinets are built to last a lifetime, and most Singapore contractors typically give 10 years warranty for their cabinet.

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Also, aluminium cabinets can be very aesthetically pleasing. You can easily customise the design and colour of your cabinet to match your house design. Wooden cabinets may not have the flexibility to undergo colour painting, thus resulting in limited design options.


An aluminium cabinet is definitely the kind of cabinet if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen. If you want to get an aluminium cabinet, it is important for you to choose the right cabinet contractor. Avoid choosing overseas suppliers, and select companies that have a good customer rating.

A Star Furnishing Pte Ltd is a cabinet supplier for kitchen in Singapore that specialises in aluminium cabinets. Its sister company, Aspire Kitchen Cabinet Singapore, has also helped transform many kitchens in Singapore households. They are definitely the kind of companies that you should find if you are looking to renovate your home.