Insights Magazine – General Paper Model Essays – Issue 01/19

Issue: 01/19
Edition 1
Updated: 22/9/2019

insights magazine model general paper essays
Insights Magazine

As part of an effort to provide free and quality education resources for students in Singapore, we at SGFREEPAPERS have collated a series of essays into a magazine – Insights Magazine. These essays are originally written by students from top colleges, tutors and teachers in Singapore and are designed to be relevant and applicable to the Singapore ‘A’ Level syllabus.

We hope to give you deeper perspectives to controversies surrounding you, piquing your interest in world issues and hone your critical thinking skills. You may wish to read these essays solely for interest purposes.

insights magazine general paper model essays
Sample page of Insights Magazine

We believe that anyone should have free access to quality education. These magazines are free to download and you may wish to reproduce them in whatsoever form. However, please support our work by giving us credit and not removing our logo on our magazines.

Want to contribute? Write to us here!

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