Lower Secondary IP Chemistry Topical Practice Questions

Integrated Science Chemistry for Lower Secondary Levels


Incorporation of upper secondary science learning objectives to augment the lower secondary curriculum.

Extensive and rigorous lower secondary science curriculum to equip students with a comprehensive assessment package.

Gradual mastery of each chapter as students work from the first level to the third level.


Graded Questions are classified into 3 different Skill Level Questions:
  • Skill Level 1: Provide Lower Secondary Standard Questions to help students recall basic fundamental concepts and process skills in lower secondary science. They are a representation of frequently asked questions in school examinations.
  • Skill Level 2: Provide Upper Secondary Standard Questions beyond the syllabus to expand and increase students' and include high frequency model questions that appear in school examinations.
  • Skill Level 3: Provide IP and Independent School Standard Questions (Advanced Problem-based and Higher Order Thinking Questions) to expose students to questions used by the IP and independent schools so as to sharpen their thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Classification of Matter
Elements and Compounds
Mixtures and Separation Techniques
Solutions and Suspensions
Particulate Model of Matter
Atoms, Ions and Molecules
Physical and Chemical Changes

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