Upload Your Notes & Earn Cash!

Earn ads revenue by sharing your notes online! Basically, a YouTube for study notes.

How To Get Started?

Start earning in three simple steps!

Create A Free Acount

Register a free acount

Upload & Share

Compile your notes and upload

Earn From Ads

Earnings will be tabulated weekly


When you upload a study material, a listing page will be created. Ads will be placed on that listing page.

Whenever there’s a visitor on the ads displayed on your listing page, you will get an earning.

Your earnings will be accumulated weekly and displayed on your study notes dashboard. Your earnings will then be transferred to your Wallet weekly where you can withdraw to your bank account.

It depends. The number of downloads your study notes has is a proxy to your earnings. But what’s directly contributing to your earning is the number of ad clicks. More clicks = more earnings. As an estimation, each ad click generate around $0.20 in earning.

Your earnings is dependent on the number of clicks on the ads that are displayed on your study notes listing page. To grow your earnings, you can upload high quality study notes so that there are more visitors to your listing page, and potentially more clicks on your displayed ads.

Or, you can upload more study notes, where you will have more listing pages to display ads. Remember to promote your notes to your friends too!

Yes. As long as your notes are up, ads will be displayed on your listing pages. You will earn a passive income for your uploaded notes.

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